Mademoiselle Green Snake


This is dedicated to my mom…

Dear Mom,

You gave me access to the most beautiful piece of Chinese cultural heritage, the Beijing Opera. You aroused my interest and excitement for powder, rouge and the rich color of lipsticks. You showed me how to put on different masks and transforming my appearance. But you haven’t only taught me how to change the shell but also how to slip into different roles, to comprehend the characters and sense their moods and thoughts. You gave me the gift of curiosity and creativity to be able to have 99 faces and see life from 99 perspectives.

See me today in my interpretation of the Beijing Opera mask of the Green Snake.

Madmoiselle Green Snake


The Green Snake is a character of the ancient Chinese mythology. The legend goes that Green Snake is the younger sister of Madame White Snake. They were two snake spirits who transformed themselves into beautiful women after practising Taoist magical arts. The rest of the legend is about love, fate and the clash of gods and demons.

This legend has become immortal since it has been presented as one of the most popular figures of the Beijing Opera. The mystic beauties, half divine and half demoniac, wicked, yet romantic, have been featured in many Chinese cultural assets and being subjected in different media. But only thanks to the modern interpretation of Tony Zhou’s photographic artwork Pretty Venus the focus has been shifted from the grace of Madame White Snake to the cheeky liveliness of Green Snake.

Pretty Venus by Tony Zhou. Source:

Pretty Venus by Tony Zhou. Source:


Thank to the popularity of Pretty Venus going through the internet I was lucky to find this beautiful modified Opera headpiece and accessories online on For the make-up I have to thank my mom again. She lend me her last little box of rouge and color she kept as a memory of the time when she was still performing on stage. This is a real treasure.

Ailian Opera on Stage



Format: Selfie

Taken with: iPhone 4S

Equipments: Monopod

Edited with: fotor on iPhone 4S

Location: on my balcony @home


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